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#Heimspiel [haɪ̯mspi:l] – for more diversity in football and an open urban society.

heimspiel Diversität


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#Heimspiel – Look back

Julius-Hirsch-Preis 2023: ASA-FF e.V. and Atheltic Sonnenberg for #Heimspiel

c_Aileen Huster

Bürgerpreis of the Bürgerstiftung Chemnitz for #Heimspiel!


Best teams and fans!

c_Ernesto Uhlmann

Interview with Thomas Hitzlsperger at SPORTY

c_Ernesto Uhlmann

Team Chemnitz vs. #Heimspiel-Special-Guests

c_Ernesto Uhlmann

Final match at SPORTY

c_Ernesto Uhlmann

Pre-Tournament #4

c_Isabell Scheithauer

Our moderators guided us through the day!

c_Isabell Scheithauer

See you at the stadium!

c_Isabell Scheithauer

Pre-Tournament #4 is running!

c_Isabell Scheithauer

Pre-Tournament #3!

c_Isabell Scheithauer

Best Fans!

c_Isabell Scheithauer

Discussion during lunch break

c_Isabell Scheithauer

Pre-Tournament #2: Music by DJ YVE'REE

c_Ernesto Uhlmann

Pre-Tournament #2: The Fan-Walk!

c_Ernesto Uhlmann

Pre-Tournament #1

c_Isabell Scheithauer

#Heimspiel Kids - Football is for everyone

c_Isabell Scheithauer

#Heimspiel Kids at the UK

c_Isabell Scheithauer

#Heimspiel Kids Football Festival at the UK

c_Isabell Scheithauer

abseits. Hip Hop x Football


#Heimspiel Opening Event

c_Isabell Scheithauer

#Heimspiel Opening Press Conference

c_Isabell Scheithauer

#Heimspiel x Build Peace Conference: friendly match against team Athletic Sonnenberg.

c_Isabell Scheithauer

#Heimspiel goes Build Peace Conference

c_Isabell Scheithauer

#Heimspiel at the KOSMOS Chemnitz 2022!

c_Ri S

Networking for #Heimspiel at the Weltecho!

c_Ri S

#Heimspiel DIY-Workshop at the KOSMOS Chemnitz 2022!

c_Frauke We

#Heimspiel: Welcome to the KOSMOS Chemnitz 2022!

c_Ri S


About #Heimspiel

In spring and summer 2023, football matches and small tournaments were held at various locations in Chemnitz. On 26 August, the starting signal was given for the #home match in the stadium – An der Gellertstraße! We are now working on new plans for 2024 and 2025.

Football should be fun, bring people together and invite them to play. The teams in our tournaments should be as diverse as possible in terms of sporting criteria, while a cultural programme with exhibitions, workshops, music and talks will accompany the matches and focus on the breadth of the sport, its forms of play as well as its political content, rituals and fan culture. With this in mind, we are calling on everyone to take part, help shape the programme and enjoy a great day of football together with us, the other teams and fans, friends and families.


Team #Heimspiel

Numerous individual players, creative artists and initiatives are involved in the #Heimspiel. The project ran for the first time in 2021-2023 as a cooperation between CFC Fans gegen Rassismus and ASA-FF e.V., among others, as part of the new undiscovered narrative 2025 programme. You will soon find out how it continues here in 2024.

For us, Chemnitz is a city where football and diversity belong together, even if that was unthinkable in the stadium in recent years. That’s why we joined forces for the #Heimspiel project, which became a reality in summer 2023: A football tournament in which football culture and an open-minded society can be combined and an environment can be created in which everyone feels comfortable – regardless of age, gender, origin, religion, disability or sexuality. In this sense, #Heimspiel sees itself as a broad-based campaign for and with Chemnitz’s urban society and, ideally, beyond. Also in the future.

You want to join?

Do you want to be part of #Heimspiel? We are looking for supporters as well as active and interested people who would like to participate in our project to playfully mobilise the Chemnitz urban and civil society, to bring them (back) to the stadium and, last but not least, to back up diversity-sensitive players and fans.

#Heimspiel Tournament

The matches 2023

The game was played in tournament mode at one of four possible preliminary tournaments and on 26 August at the final of #Heimspiel in the stadium – An der Gellertstraße. Approximately four teams could play on each match day and qualify for the final. The game was played with at least seven players (18+) per team according to the classic football rules on a small pitch. Each game lasted 2 x 10 minutes.

The games were accompanied by an extensive cultural programme: In addition to great match days, there were exhibitions, workshops, discussions and film screenings as well as a networking trip to Gelsenkirchen! Tomma Suki Hinrichsen developed DIY football furniture for us that turned the urban space into a pop-up football pitch. We kicked off summer 2023 together in the UK with a football festival for kids, brought the exhibition Between Success and Persecution – Jewish Stars in German Sport up to 1933 and afterwards to the station forecourt and combined football and hip-hop, got to know fantastic teams, great fans and important initiatives and projects, exchanged views on inclusive, integrative and diversity-sensitive issues in football and experienced four great pre-tournament match days with music, sunshine and fair play.

#Heimspiel Dates

15.03.2024, 4 p.m.: Open-Space about the future of #Heimspiel

We invite all interested fellows and allies to talk with us about the future of the project and to start developing initial ideas. Anyone who, like us, would like to campaign for a non-discriminatory football culture is very welcome. Please register via the link above. Respect our Fair Play-Rules!

Open Space

23.05.2024, 8 p.m.: On Screen -discover Europe with football and film

In the run-up to the UEFA European Championship EURO 2024, a film programme with selected European football short films will be shown throughout Germany. The eight feature films, documentaries and animated films will be accompanied by a series of talks with prominent guests and experts.

In Chemnitz, the programme series will make a stop at the Metropol in May. We will also be there in advance and are looking forward to an exciting film programme!

Information on the individual films, trailers and tickets can be found here: http://metropol-chemnitz.com/on-screen-mit-fussball-und-film-europa-entdecken/

Film + talk

> 81 Minutes

07.06.2024: Workshop with Zusammen1!

Zusammen1, a project by MAKKABI Deutschland e.V., is coming to Chemnitz and will be organising two educational training sessions against antisemitism and group-focused enmity for and with interested teams at 3.30 pm and 5.30 pm. The training sessions for young people and adults are by appointment only.

We still have a few places available for the afternoon training session: So if you would like to take part and are aged between 14 and 20, please get in touch with us at kontakt@heimspiel-chemnitz.de!

08.06.2024: KOSMOS Chemnitz

We are part of KOSMOS Chemnitz 2024 and look forward to spend the day with you: Among others, we create a part of the sports area together with Athletic Sonnenberg, the AJZ Siebdruckwerkstatt and IVF Leipzig!

What we have planned:
What connects us on and off the pitch? And what is football and fan culture for you?: Together we will build a diversity banner for Chemnitz. Come along and help design part of the banner!

You want to design your own merch? We prepared motifs for screen printing and colours for your messages and the AJZ screen printing workshop will help you with the printing. So bring your shirts, bags or similar (ideally unprinted and cotton!) and get creative with us!

The IVF from Leipzig will be bringing along a parcours on the special features of blind football. IVF Leipzig has been involved in anti-discrimination work in football for many years and was already part of #Heimspiel x KOSMOS in 2022 with its exhibition ‘Strafraum Sachsen 2.0’!

12 noon-5 p.m.

Promenadenstraße / Ecke Erich-Schmidt-Straße


08.06.2024: Wheel of Fortune and Football at KOSMOS Chemnitz!

At the end of the day we drift into the evening and move to the Konkordiapark!

A selection team from #Heimspiel will play a friendly match against Athletic Sonnenberg Mixed and the wheel of fortune: Come bright and colourful! Together we cheer on our guests and the two teams and let the wheel of fortune spin.

The friendly match runs for 2×15 minutes on a small pitch. Each half also has a special twist – luck decides how the game continues!

6 p.m.-6.45 p.m.


14.06.2024: EM-Public-Viewing!

The European Men’s Football Championship kicks off on 14 June 2024 with the opening match between Germany and Scotland. See you at selected match dates at the public viewing at the Weltecho! You can find the dates there and on our channels. Together with the Weltecho and Atheltic Sonnenberg, there is also the opportunity for last-minute fans to take part in our betting round weltechoXHeimspielXAthletic and win prizes! You can expect free tickets for the Weltecho, Atheltic Sonnenberg merchandise, a VIP seat at the first and true Chemnitz Club Championship and a reading in autumn. So get in there! And until then, we wish you great games in a relaxed atmosphere!


Free entry

Fair Play

We love football as much as you do! Football is what connects us. Rivalry and friendship, celebrating victories together and mourning defeats together – in football, joy and sorrow are often very close together. For us, team spirit, fair play, respect, tolerance, diversity and role models are just as much a part of football.

We appreciate every participation in our project, every comment and every discussion under our posts. We are aware that we cannot all have the same opinion. In order for this exchange to take place on an equal level and always remain fair and factual, a few simple rules are required:

1. We do not tolerate racist, sexist, anti-semitic, anti-LGBTIQ or otherwise discriminatory comments about groups or individuals.

2. We do not accept personal insults, belittling or other derogatory comments about appearance.

3. We do not tolerate glorification of violence or calls for violence.

Furthermore, we reserve the right to make use of our domiciliary rights to deny access to or exclude persons from our events who belong to right-wing extremist parties or organisations, who are associated with the right-wing extremist scene or who have already made an appearance in the past through racist, nationalist, anti-semitic or other inhuman statements.

Your team #Heimspiel


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#Heimspiel was develloped as a cooperation between the CFC Fans gegen Rassismus and the ASA-FF e.V., accompanied by the programme new undiscov_red narratives 2025.

The programme new undiscov_red narratives 2025 is funded by the federal programme Demokratie leben!, Weltoffenes Sachsen and co-financed by the cultural area of the city of Chemnitz.

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